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Silk Smooth skin is always in

Premier Waxing Services in Boston

The ideal waxing service requires finesse, a delicate touch, and a sculptor’s eye. It’s about using only the finest waxes that remove stubborn hair while simultaneously nourishing the skin. It’s about working with an artist who understands your skin and your contours, and who can apply the finest hair removal techniques for your goals.

Beaucáge’s team of waxing specialists is renowned for their superior full-body hair removal services. Not only do they perform flawless work—they do it in Boston’s most relaxing and rejuvenating spa environment. Come see for yourself the difference a little decadence can make.

Waxing Services

  • Face
    • Lip: $15
    • Chin: $18
    • Ear: $19
    • Neck: $21
    • Cheeks: $21
    • Sideburns: $28
    • Eyebrow/First Time: $30/$33
    • Lip + Chin: $33
    • Eye Brow Tweezing: $33
    • Lip + Brow: $45
    • Eyebrow + Lip + Chin: $63
    • Chest: $65
  • Legs
    • Lower Leg: $51
    • Upper Leg: $53
    • Upper Leg w/ Bikini: $101
    • Upper Leg w/ Brazilian: $131
    • Upper Leg w/ French Bikini: $132
    • Upper Leg w/ Brazilian + Back: $141
    • Full Leg: $87
    • Full Leg w/ Bikini: $130
    • Full Leg w/ Brazilian: $165
    • Full Leg w/ Brazilian + Back: $175
    • Full Leg w/ French Bikini: $163
  • Arms
    • Underarm: $30
    • Lower Arm: $45
    • Full Arm: $60
  • Back/Shoulders/Abdomen
    • Abdomen: $28
    • Shoulders: $33
    • Back: $70
  • Bikini/Brazilian
    • Bikini: $48
    • French Bikini: $75
    • Brazilian: $78
    • Brazilian + Back: $88

Waxing FAQs

One of the greatest advantages of waxing is that results last up to 6 weeks, depending on the individual and the area of application. At Beaucáge, our highly skilled waxing specialists know precisely how to apply the wax for the longest-lasting results.

Everyone’s brows have a unique hair growth rate, hair thickness, and shape. For some clients, we recommend regular monthly bookings to maintain a manicured look. Others can go a little longer, up to 8 weeks. As your esthetician gets to know you, they will be able to recommend an ideal schedule to keep your brows looking flawless year-round.

Waxing has numerous benefits over shaving. We’ve already mentioned the time you’ll save when you take advantage of the treatment’s long-lasting results. But this hair removal method is also much better for your skin. Benefits include:

  • No cuts or razor burn
  • Less itching and stubble
  • Delayed hair regrowth
  • Finer hairs over time
  • Gentler on sensitive skin
  • Limited chance of ingrown hairs

At Beaucáge, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the ultimate spa experience. We use only the finest ingredients to maximize your comfort and confidence.

Soft. Smooth. Sophisticated.

Waxing by Beaucáge

Our world-class waxing experts have a special touch that keeps them in demand year-round. For decades, we’ve been helping savvy Bostonians attain the long-lasting, silk-smooth skin they’ve always dreamed of. Become an insider—book your appointment with us today

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