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Hair Restoration in Boston

At Beaucáge, we pride ourselves on our ability to not only cut, color, and style gorgeous hair—but to create it. We’re dedicated to the art of hair restoration and preservation, using industry-leading supplements, cleansing treatments, extensions, and beyond. We’ve even partnered with Wilde Hair, New England’s exclusive provider of Regazzi CNC hair replacement systems, to bring you the most natural, comfortable, and beautiful results possible.

Beaucáge Salon & Spa in Boston has helped clients feel like their best selves since 1989. If you’re struggling with hair loss, we’d be honored to do the same for you. Explore options

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Our Hair Restoration & Hair Preservation Services

We have always positioned ourselves at the leading edge of hair science, combining 21st-century techniques with time-tested artistry.


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Experience The Latest Hair Regrowth Technology with Beaucáge + Wilde Hair

At Beaucáge, we have always positioned ourselves at the leading edge of hair science, combining 21st-century techniques with time-tested artistry. In addition to our Hairdreams® nano bonded extensions, 3-step Hydrafacial® scalp treatments, and hair supplements from CRLAB and Nutrafol, we’ve teamed up with Wilde Hair to harness the power of 3D printing and create premium hair loss solutions. These advanced non-surgical hair replacement systems are custom-fitted to your scalp for the most natural results possible.

At your evaluation with a hair restoration specialist, we consider all factors. We test for hydration, sebum levels, and pH balance, and we also take time to study the quality, texture, and color. This allows us to create a natural-looking hair replacement system that is as unique as you are.

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Strong, Silky Hair Growth is Within Reach

Common causes of female pattern hair loss include:

  • Age
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Childbirth
  • Psoriasis
  • Alopecia areata
  • PCOS or other hormonal imbalance
  • Thyroid disease
  • Tight hairstyles
  • Cancer treatment
  • Damage to hair follicles
  • Certain prescription medication
  • Poor diet/iron deficiency

If you begin to notice patchy hair loss, you don’t need to hide away in shame. With years of experience treating hair loss, Beaucáge Salon & Spa in Boston offers a variety of hair loss treatments to help you look and feel your very best. Whether your hair loss is the result of a medical condition, hair follicle damage, aging, or simple genetics, we are committed to delivering solutions with sensitivity and care.

Time is of the essence. To slow hair loss and prevent further hair loss, contact the Beaucáge beauty team. We’re always ready to help you explore treatment options and elevate your look.

Hair Restoration at Beaucáge Salon & Spa

Book a Hair Loss Treatment Consultation Today

We understand hair loss can be an emotional subject. It can be hard to address a hair concern without a solid foundation of knowledge about your hair’s unique structure, condition, and needs. Fortunately, our experts can get to the bottom of any challenge—from hair loss to lost volume to frequent breakage—and suggest a personalized solution for you.

You don’t have to settle for hair that doesn’t live up to your dreams. Let us help you craft the perfect look at Beaucáge. Speak to a Boston hair restoration specialist today!

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