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Restore your locks to lusciousness with

Hair Supplements from Boston’s Beauty Experts

At Beaucáge, our stylists’ knowledge goes beyond beauty alone. We’ve helped thousands of men and women address their most sensitive hair challenges, from hair loss to lack of volume to frequent breakage. We understand the structure of hair to its core, and we can help you identify the root cause of your problems.

Hair supplements are one of our newest and most exciting opportunities to help our clients embrace and enhance their beauty. Ask your stylist for personalized recommendations to learn which natural treatments and other hair restoration techniques are perfectly suited to you.

Brands at Beaucáge

Beaucáge Salon & Spa carries hair supplements from CRLAB and Nutrafol.

Benefits of hair supplements:

  • Fight hair loss
  • Increase volume
  • Repair breakage
  • Personalized treatment options

Hair Supplement FAQs

To see the results you want from a hair supplement, you need to understand a lot about hair—and your hair in particular. At Beaucáge, we’ve spent our careers investigating the structure and science of different hair types, textures, and patterns so we can recommend a precise formula for you. Book a consultation or ask your stylist at your next appointment for personalized advice.

There are many reasons for thinning hair in men and women alike. It can be hereditary, related to a medical condition like androgenetic alopecia, or it could be connected to a vitamin deficiency. That’s where hair supplements come in. Whether your part is wider than it used to be or you’re looking for stronger, more voluminous locks, hair supplements can help!

Hair supplements can boost hair growth, making them a great option for people dealing with thinning hair. But supplements have the potential to benefit your hair in many other ways as well, including:

  • Improved hydration
  • Enhanced shine
  • Strength against breakages
  • Fewer split ends
  • More softness & bounce
  • Bigger volume & thickness
Healthy Hair Starts Here

Give Your Hair the Nourishment it Needs

Healthy hair is about more than the type of shampoo and conditioner you use. Different hair challenges require different solutions, and our stylists are well-versed in the latest supplements to cure what ails your locks. Ask about our supplement services when you book your next appointment.

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