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Hair Enhancements & Salon Treatments in Boston

The pursuit of gorgeous hair at times feels neverending. But the stylists at Beaucáge have done the research for you, bringing to bear their knowledge of the top salon hair treatments available on the market. Whether you’re fighting frizzy, unruly locks or need to scour away years of product buildup to unleash a healthy mane, we have a hair enhancement ready for you.

We offer two first-class smoothing treatments—Pure Brazilian and Coppola Keratin—for silky, frizz-free, and voluminous hair. We also offer a range of clarifying, deep conditioning, detox, and scalp cleansing treatments to tackle any hair challenge you may face. Speak to your stylist about your hair concerns at your next appointment.

Pure Brazilian Smoothing System

  • $155 / hour (first time with consultation)
  • $450+ (first time without consultation)

Keratin Treatment by Coppola Smoothing System

  • $175 / hour (first time with consultation)
  • $450+ (first time without consultation)

Hair Enhancements FAQs

Keratin treatments are semi-permanent hair straightening treatments comprised of a high protein base, which is what gives our hair its natural strength. Pure Brazilian and Coppola Keratin both smooth the surface of the hair but don’t permanently break bonds, so your natural texture gradually returns. And unlike some popular, low-grade keratin straightening treatments, the systems we use at Beaucáge are formaldehyde-free, using high-quality natural ingredients for ultimate hair protection.

Coppola Keratin adds volume, reduces up to 95% of frizz, and leaves hair full-bodied and frizz-free for up to five months. As with Thermal Reconditioning, you cannot wash your hair for three days after treatment. You will also need to be careful not to use hair ties, clips, or anything that might put a crease or kink in your hair.

Pure Brazilian is milder, keeps some body in the hair, and gives your hair more shine than Keratin. Pure Brazilian lasts for up to 12 weeks. There is also no downtime; you can wash your hair immediately.

After your smoothing treatment, make sure to use Sulfate-free shampoo because sulfates strip the product out faster. If you blow dry or style your hair, a thermal protector is a must. A deep conditioning mask once a week will also give your treatment better longevity.

Finally, always consult your stylist about which smoothing treatment is right for your hair. Describe the type of smoothness you are looking for so they can recommend the best treatment to achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have about your options so we can help you get the look you want!

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Distinguished hair requires distinguished treatments. At Beaucáge, we use only the finest, most advanced hair-enhancing systems and products to bring your locks to life. For personalized recommendations, expert consultation, and an unparalleled salon and spa experience in Boston, book an appointment with us.

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