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For the Body & the Spirit

Beaucáge’s Skincare & Spa Treatments

Our skin is incredible—acting at once as a protective barrier and projection of our inner beauty. To pamper the skin is to pamper the spirit, melting away the concerns of the outer world to rebalance and repay the self. At Beaucáge, our award-winning estheticians have traveled the world and brought back the most advanced skincare products, revitalizing spa treatments, and masterful waxing services for you to indulge in on Newbury Street.

Put your skin in the right hands with

Our Rejuvenating Services for the Skin

Our estheticians offer a variety of customizable facials and treatments that will lift, sculpt, plump, smooth, and tone your skin in minutes.





For An Enriching Skincare Experience

Get Matched with an Esthetician

Whether you need magazine-ready makeup for a special occasion or a skincare regimen tailored to bring out your skin’s inner glow, our team has the knowledge and the touch to make it happen. Our staff is happy to match you with an esthetician that specializes in your skin type and goals—all you have to do is share your desires with us. When you’re ready to love the skin you’re in, book your appointment at our salon & spa on Newbury Road.

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