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Women's Hair Loss Solutions

Custom Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Solutions in Boston

Say goodbye to uncomfortable toppers, thick hair extensions, and traditional wigs. We are the only company that offers customized, 3D imaged, second skin cranial hair prosthetics. We are experts specialize in working exclusively with women, children, and men helping our team support them navigate through their individual hair loss journey.

Beaucáge is proud to partner with Wilde Hair, New England & Boston’s exclusive provider of Ragazzi CNC hair replacement systems for men. Owner Gregory Wilde has extensive experience treating men with hair loss, and he respects the emotional journey men take that often accompanies hair loss. That’s why each client is treated to private, one-on-one training sessions designed to have men learn how to pamper and restore comfort.

Before and After Cesare Ragazzi CNC

Cesare Ragazzi CNC

Ragazzi CNC is a 3D imaged, medical-grade second skin prosthetic Wilde Hair custom-designs for suit each patient’s scalp. With hand-injected raw virgin hair (non-chemically treated hair, verified in Italy for authenticity), each hair restoration system is customized to suit the exact dimensions of the patient’s scalp for full control and to create a seamless natural hair prosthetic feel that is unlike any other hair loss solution.

Before and After Hair Color

Cesare Ragazzi XT

Ragazzi XT is a custom CNC unit designed to fit over the occipital bone in the back of the head and extends towards the ears. The XT unit gives full length, volume, and frontal projection of the hair towards the front of the face. This is the perfect hair restoration solution for both men and women struggling with wearing traditional hair extensions that want a custom cranial, natural second-skin hair style or hair restoration system.

Losing HairAfter hair treatment

What is the CNC Hair Replacement System?

At Wilde Hair, we bring you non-surgical hair restoration methods, using groundbreaking 3D-imaged surgical robotic technology. With the CNC, we offer an undetectable second-skin cranial prosthetic hair restoration system for radiant, thick, beautiful hair.

All women deserve to feel comfortable and confident in their natural hair pieces and own skin. If you feel that you’ve been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, Trichotillomania, or hair loss due to chemotherapy, or if you feel great you just want more volume or length, there are solutions for hair pieces for you other than surgical procedures or multiple hair loss treatments that are not delivering achieved results. If you feel great you are a woman experiencing hair loss, our hair replacement services and systems can change your life and help you fall in love with your hair.

Gregory Wilde, the owner and founder of Wilde Hair, has a thorough knowledge of helping women through their hair loss journey. Gregory considers in detail each client’s medical history and may refer his clients for scalp biopsies. A scalp biopsy can determine a clinical diagnosis, if present, and the results can help to steer future surgical procedures. Gregory takes pride in helping each unique client navigate the complicated hair restoration maze. With our Cesare Ragazzi non-surgical hair systems back, you can swim and exercise, dance and have a night out with your friends, get blowouts and enjoy time outdoors. The first thing people will notice about you is how beautiful you are!

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Exclusive Provider

Gregory Wilde offers expert guidance and holds the license for Cesare Ragazzi hair systems. He has the exclusive rights to the materials and design the hair system for CNC and takes measurements before it is custom designed in Italy. Gregory also has extensive experience in a variety of medical and post surgical aesthetic and surgical settings and has a working knowledge of all treatment modalities. He is dedicated to helping female patients navigate through their hair loss journey and determine the most appropriate treatment solution that best fits the patient’s needs.

Patented 3D Imaging

Wilde Hair is excited to bring the Cesare Ragazzi 3D scanner to our center. This 3D scanner takes pictures and video of the topography of your scalp which helps us to customize our patented second-skin hair restoration hair replacement system further. Within seconds, all the information and image results from the scan can be sent to our hair system manufacturer in Bologna, Italy. The Cesare Ragazzi scanner is the first and only of its kind–no other hair replacement system manufacturer has this technology!

Hair extensions

Hand-Selected Raw Virgin Hair

We only purchase and use the highest-grade raw human hair, which is non-chemically treated hair tested for authenticity in our factory in Bologna, Italy. We can customize and blend any hair color, texture, and curl pattern naturally. We also match your scalp color and denier (is your hair fine, medium, or coarse?), density, length, and style for a flawless outcome. Cesare Ragazzi checks every piece of hair that comes through their facility to ensure it matches and has never been chemically treated. This will guarantee confidence and reliability in the results and the longevity and quality of the hair.

beautiful blond hair

Ragazzi Hair Coloring

We specialize in cutting, color balancing, and styling the CNC Ragazzi hair systems to help clients achieve the most natural and balanced look. Our own hair system can be sourced and styled in any curl pattern, density, or denier, a combination which we feel is integral in achieving the most beautiful, natural and undetectable result.

Luxury Experience You Deserve

Each client receives one-on-one service in a private, tranquil environment centered around your comfort, style, age, lifestyle, age, schedule and lifestyle. Our customer confidentiality and personalized care ensure clients have the highest quality experience.

Two blond hairs

Our Process

We use our advanced 3D imaging and state-of-the-art custom design services to create a second-skin medical-grade scalp prosthesis. Each hair system made is hand injected with raw virgin hair. The result is a seamless blending of your natural biological hair and our CNC hair to create the most beautiful hair systems in the world. Even if you feel you have no hair, we can customize a full cap and hair system, and cut your hairpieces in unit locations to ensure that it is natural and undetectable.

What Clients Are Saying

“World class hair expert who goes above and beyond to make your hair look and feel the best! Gregory treats your hair with a multi dimensional approach for immediate superb results, while planning ahead for your hair health and growth. I have been a client for ten years and love everything he does. Incredible in every way!”

- Aneela Qureshi
Rating: 5

“Gregory is like a hair whisperer. If he makes a suggestion- don’t think, listen. I have never been as happy and excited to get my hair done. I leave thrilled with the results every time. I can’t say enough good things about him!”

- Ana Andreev
Rating: 5

“I’ve always struggled with thin hair. Gregory sat with me and went through alternative options to add volume. We decided that I would be a good candidate for the Ragazzi system…it’s real hair that is custom fitted to your scalp. It took three months, but it was so worth the wait. It is completely invisible and lightweight. I’m so happy!”

- Danielle Hallisey
Rating: 5

CNC 3D Head Scanner

At Wilde Hair restoring the solution to hair loss and scalp health starts with an evaluation of the hair and scalp. The CNC 3D Head Scanner utilizes a suite of cutting-edge technology methods to determine the best prosthesis hair style.

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A New England Exclusive

Hair Replacement Before & Afters

Beaucáge is proud to partner with Wilde Hair, New England & Boston’s exclusive provider of Ragazzi CNC hair replacement systems services. Owner Gregory Wilde has extensive experience treating hair loss, and he respects the emotional journey that often accompanies hair loss. That’s why each client is treated to private, one-on-one hair out sessions designed to pamper and restore their appearance, confidence and comfort.

Before and After Cesare Ragazzi CNC
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Your Path to Fuller Hair

Start Your Hair Journey Today

For all men, children, and women experiencing hair loss, whether due to alopecia areata, trichotillomania, or chemotherapy, you have great options for a custom hair replacement system. Non-surgical hair replacement procedures and hair loss treatments aren’t your only lifestyle path to gorgeous hair and renewed confidence. Looking in the mirror, you’ll see a reflection that aligns with your expectations and makes you feel younger. This incredible natural hair restoration and hair replacement service, offered in MA, Massachusetts, provides a fantastic alternative to surgical methods. It allows you to regain the look and feel of your own hair, giving you the chance to embrace a new lifestyle with renewed self-assurance. To learn more about Beaucáge’s partnership with this innovative service, contact us and request a consultation from Wilde Hair today

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