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Hair Color
Full Color, Highlights, & Beyond

Boston’s Best Hair Color Services

Exquisite color can completely transform your look—but it takes an expert hand to get the subtle details just right. At Beaucáge, we respect your hair’s health, strength, and integrity, which is why we use the most sophisticated methods and products to treat your hair. Whether you’re seeking a color correction, a daring change, refined highlights, or a touch-up, our color experts will take the utmost care to give you incredible results.

Get the color you wish you were born with at Beaucáge. Book your appointment today to get full-bodied, elegant color for any hair type, texture, or tone.

Hair Color Services

  • Single Process Color: $74+
  • Partial Foil: $156+
  • Full Foil: $190+
  • Partial Balayage: $209+
  • Full Balayage: $244+
  • Ombre: $221+
  • Partial Pintura Highlight: $174+
  • Full Pintura Highlight: $209+
  • Glaze: $51
  • Color Correction: Consultation Required

Hair Color FAQs

Both ombre and balayage are beloved color treatments that create timeless, trendy, multi-toned looks. They can produce similar looks, but they’re made with different techniques!

Ombre is a stark contrast of the hair from dark at the top to light at the tips, or vice versa. Some clients want the contrast to be very bold and dramatic, while others prefer just a hint of color difference. Either way, the color will start with full saturation at one section before diffusing to the next.

Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or paint. This treatment yields a sun-kissed, natural look with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principle idea is that less is more—your stylist will hand-paint the color in sweeping, blended highlights for a subtle look.

The health of your hair is a science, and one that we take seriously. We use a range of high-end products, treatments, and methods that will ensure your hair is soft, hydrated, and strong when you leave our salon, even if you have dramatically changed your hair color. We are also more than happy to recommend a variety of hair restoration techniques and hair care products to preserve your locks for years to come.

At Beaucáge, we know what beauty is made of—and that means we have a unique understanding of what colors and styles will flatter our clients’ features. Each of our stylists is a visionary who can provide you with bespoke recommendations for your unique hair texture, face shape, skin tone, and complexion. If you’re unsure which look is right for you, don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for their advice.

Tones & Hues as Gorgeous as You

Life is Better in Color

Beaucáge’s stylists understand the science and artistry behind deep and long-lasting color. For hair coloring services tailored to your unique attributes and features, book your appointment today. Our chairs fill up fast—don’t wait to make your date with destiny.

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